Golden Touch Massage Therapy is closed as of 12/31/2017.

  • Are you stressed, tense, and need to completely relax?
  • Are you bothered by neck, shoulder or low back pain, suffering from tension headaches, or just feel tight and uncomfortable all over?
  • Do you have one of the many medical conditions that can benefit from massage therapy, including fibromyalgia or a struggling immune system?
  • Have you been injured in a car accident and are entitled to massage therapy through no-fault insurance?
  • Do you need a mini-vacation from the many stresses of life?
  • Do you have a feeling that some of your physical aches and pains may have mental and emotional origins or influences, and you want to heal on ALL levels?
  • are you a sore athlete (weekend or full time), looking to recover quicker and more thoroughly so your body is ready to do the activities you love?

Thank you all for a wonderful, fulfilling 21 year career as a Massage Therapist!  Stay tuned for my transformation into an Oriental Medicine practitioner, offering acupuncture, herbs, and massage!

Golden Touch Massage Therapy was directed by Cecile Pfingston Holmes, M.A., L.M.T., who has been in practice for 21 years. She is N.Y.S. licensed and insured, and Nationally Certified. Cecile offers therapeutic Swedish Massage (including Hot Stone Massage, Medical, Deep Tissue, Sports and Pregnancy), AMMA Therapy (Oriental), and body/mind therapy.  No-Fault Insurance is accepted.  

Cecile is currently attending a doctoral program in NYC in Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  She will resume her practice once she graduates, in San Diego, CA.