October 25, 2010:
"Cecile Pfingston of Golden Touch Massage Therapy has been helping me for over ten years. She usually massages my neck and back once a week. When I first came to her, I could hardly move my neck and had a constant headache as the result of several auto accidents, mostly where my car was hit in the rear and my neck and head were jolted. I really do not know what I would do if Cecile did not fix me on a regular basis. I am an attorney, so on top of the damage left by the accidents, I deal with a stressful job which often results in a tightening of my neck and shoulders. Cecile has made it possible for me to turn my head more easily and for a greater range as I drive, thus avoiding killing everyone else on the road. And my headaches have all been left behind! I have gone to many other Massage Therapists over the years, but Cecile is miles ahead of all of them. I don't know what I would do without her!" Cathy Nolan
May 2, 2010:
"An hour massage with Cecile is an experience that remains in your memory long after leaving.  Her hands are strong and they deftly find the stress points while the lotion feels smooth and velvety.  The oil scents relaxes the muscles and the mind.  She moves gently from one area to another and one anticipates where she will continue.  It feels like a thousand surprises.  It is a silent communication between the client and the therapist."
Anita T.